60% growth in software sales seals successful 2013 for Quartet FS

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September 15, 2020

London, New York, Paris, Singapore – January 15th 2014 – Quartet FS, a leading provider of in-memory analytical database software, today announced that, following the enhancement of its network of software vendors partners, and a series of positive reviews from technology consultancies, it has seen a strong uptick in demand for ActivePivot, its analytical in-memory database. This has resulted in an increase in software sales of 60% in 2013.

A key focus for the company in 2013 was the acceleration of momentum with software vendors (ISVs) and SaaS partners. Quartet FS has invested strongly to create an ecosystem of ISV and SaaS partners which are looking for in-memory analytical capabilities to enhance their current offerings, or seeking to build a new generation of smart, analytics-enabled add-on modules. Following the signature of agreements with Numerix and Markit in the financial services industry, this strategy is continuing to yield its fruits in 2014, as the company has inked a new partnership with UNIT4, a global leader in software that supports business change.

Last year also saw Quartet FS penetrate other verticals, such as supply chain management, demonstrating how ActivePivot could be used by companies to gain end-to-end visibility across all operations. Through a partnership with EBI Consultancy, a provider of high quality supply chain and management consulting services, Quartet FS will accelerate its ability to deliver real-time analytics across departmental silos and numerous data sources to a new range of customers.

Industry experts have been quick to recognize the need for advanced intelligence in time-sensitive and data-intensive processes. Quartet FS has been identified as a ‘Cool Vendor’ in the ‘Cool Vendors in In-Memory Computing (IMC) 2013 report by Gartner, Inc1. At the same time, Chartis rated the company as a “best of breed” vendor in its RiskTech Quadrant, “Data Management and BI for Risk”, following an in-depth evaluation of a range of data management service providers and solutions. In its most recent RiskTech report, Chartis also named Quartet FS as a top 50 contender, placing the company in 46th place in the 2014 edition.

Georges Bory, co-founder and managing director at Quartet FS, said: “Quartet FS has had a hugely successful year in 2013. Software revenue increased by over 60% as both companies and consultancy firms such as Chartis and Gartner, recognised the need for in-depth real-time analysis of complex datasets. 2014 is shaping up to prove even more eventful. With increased demand for high performance analytics tools which can enable companies to take advantage of big data, we expect demand for our analytical solutions to grow, particularly outside the financial services industry. As such, we will be launching the latest update to ActivePivot early in the year, and building further partnerships to extend our reach”.

1 Gartner, Cool Vendors in In-Memory Computing, 2013 by Massimo Pezzini, Roxane Edjlali, Donald Feinberg, Christopher Iervolino, W. Roy Schulte, 23rd April 2013

About Quartet FS

Quartet FS provides organisations with instant insight into their operational processes for timely and context-aware decision-making. Quartet FS’ss analytical in-memory technology, ActivePivot, brings analytical capabilities into data-intensive and time-sensitive business processes including risk management, supply chain management, compliance and CRM. ActivePivot uniquely allows business users to produce, analyse and monitor complex performance indicators in real-time and to extract actionable intelligence from massive amounts of complicated and fast-moving data.

This business insight is made possible by ActivePivot’s innovative ability to aggregate data ‘on the fly’, to integrate complex business logic and to perform what-if simulations, while leveraging the power of in-memory computing. Quartet FS, founded in 2005, is a privately owned company with offices in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. It serves customers in various industries including, but not limited to financial services, logistics, transportation, market exchanges and retail. For more information please visit:

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