About ActiveViam

We are a global software provider specializing in decision support for business professionals in one of the most data-intensive, fastest-moving and highly-regulated industries. Since 2005, our mission has been to accelerate confident decision making with innovative data analytics.
Behind our clients’ success is ActiveViam’s award-winning product Atoti+ Atoti+ is a ‘fit for purpose’ data analytics platform that combines powerful data aggregation, visualization and workflow management functionalities.

Our vision

At ActiveViam, our ultimate purpose is to empower the financial services industry to be ready for the unexpected and to cover their blind spots when making decisions

Leadership Team

Kathy Perrotte


Allen Whipple

Founder/Managing Director

Xavier Bellouard

Founder/Managing Director

Walter Dolhare

Member of the Board

Tom Eacobacci

Chairman of the Board

Eugene Nogi

Member of the board


ActiveViam was founded by a group of entrepreneurs sharing a vision for accessible, flexible, fast analytics applications. From this heritage, ActiveViam’s leadership team developed a pragmatic and customer-driven approach to innovation.

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