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London, Paris, New-York, Singapore - March 9th 2016: Quartet FS, a pioneer of in-memory databases and analytics solutions, announces the release of ActiveStorage, this new solution combines an in-memory database and analytics engine with a high-performance solution for NoSQL persistent data storage.

A key performance improvement for companies involved with Big Data

ActiveStorage is the perfect counterpart to the ActivePivot in-memory aggregation and analytics engine offered by Quartet FS. Thanks to the integration of a dedicated optimized NoSQL technology developed by QuasarDB, ActiveStorage can load data from disk into memory at the pace of 1Tb in 2 minutes.

ActiveStorage is the ideal solution for organizations who benefit from in-memory computing for their day-to-day operations of calculations and analytics and are looking for a cost-efficient, high-performance integrated solution to manage both their persistent and in-memory data stocks.

The technological innovation

In-memory technology always works paired with a persistent data storage solution. With the digital transformation of the workplace, these databases have grown exponentially and the transfers of data from the disk (persistent) to the memory (dynamic) are now a key component of the overall performance.

Quartet FS, the leader of in-memory computing applied to databases with its ActivePivot solution, has partnered with QuasarDB, inventor of a NoSQL solution optimized for the transfer of massive amounts of data from the disk to the memory, to create ActiveStorage. The combination of both technologies enables organizations who manage large amounts of data every day to reach a level of reliability and speed impossible before.

Georges Bory, co-founder of Quartet FS concludes: “ActivePivot, Hadoop and NoSQL databases are complementary technologies that address the needs of big data analytics: Hadoop and NoSQL databases respectively enable the transformation of non-structured data and their storage at a lower cost, whilst ActivePivot supports the interactive and real-time analysis of that data.”

About Quartet FS

Quartet FS’ in-memory analytical platform ActivePivot provides users with instant insight into massive, fast moving data for timely decision making. ActivePivot is used by time-sensitive organizations to continuously evaluate business performance and make optimal data-driven decisions. Founded in 2005, Quartet FS is a privately owned company with offices in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. With more than fifty live implementations in large international companies, we serve customers in many verticals, including financial services, market exchanges, logistics and retail. For more information, please visit