ActiveViam Announces Partnership with Nagler & Company

ActiveViam |
December 6, 2021

London, December 6 2021

ActiveViam, a global software vendor in the financial services industry specialized in in-memory BI analytics solutions, and Nagler & Company, a consulting firm addressing specific issues of Banks and Insurances related to data and risk, are happy to announce the creation of an official partnership.

“At ActiveViam we have been aware of Nagler’s reputation in capital markets and the associated regulations for a long time. This partnership will enable financial services organisations to benefit from the fusion of Nagler’s expertise with ActiveViam’s suite of best-in-class business solutions in particular around FRTB and related topics.” said Chris Horril, Global Head of Partnerships and Resellers at ActiveViam. The two organisations have been collaborating for some time and this partnership formalises this relationship.

Nagler will be working with ActiveViam to increase the Atoti ecosystem with new business cases which they will illustrate and implement during the design phase of projects.  Additionally Nagler will leverage their business expertise to help ActiveViam provide clients in Germany and Austria with software components and business solutions using the collaborative and interactive features of  Atoti.



About Nagler & Company

Nagler & Company has been working in the financial industry for more than 20 years – this is why we exactly know that we can’t know everything. This industry is way too complex, so specialisation is most important. At Nagler & Company we concentrate on four areas:  Front Office, Risk and Analytics, Market & Reference Data and Regulatory Reporting. Bank and insurances, that turn to us, can be assured to get the best consulting. For sure.

About ActiveViam

ActiveViam was founded in 2005 and has deployed analytical solutions to help financial services firms make instantaneous business decisions and meet operational challenges. With a comprehensive offering of analytics and data science products based on in-memory technology and expert-designed user interfaces, ActiveViam’s clients achieve a unique level of precision, speed, and adaptability.

ActiveViam’s software is used today by global banks, hedge funds, asset managers and derivatives exchanges for their most sensitive and intensive analytics needs. With offices in Paris, London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong, our 40+ clients in more than a dozen countries include HSBC, Société Générale, Scotiabank, Mizuho, Nomura, CME Group and Tudor Funds. For more information visit or

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