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ActiveViam celebrates its 15th anniversary: an entrepreneurial adventure

ActiveViam Head of Front Office
ActiveViam |
September 15, 2020

Paris, 03/10/2020. ActiveViam, leader in analytical solutions for operational decision-making, data science and pricing, reviews the outcome of its 15 years of existence. At the cutting edge of technology, the company has indeed seen its turnover grow each year to reach 25 million euros in 2018 and has more than 50 international customers, major players in the finance and retail industries.

Since 2005, ActiveViam has brought operational decision-making into the era of Big Data. Based in particular on sophisticated in-memory aggregation systems, ActiveViam solutions have always taken advantage of the most advanced technologies (in-memory, data science, cloud) to allow real-time analysis of large data volumes.

This expertise has been deployed worldwide. ActiveViam currently has four offices, in New York, Paris, London and Singapore, in order to better serve its international customers. Among them are HSBC, Standard Chartered, Mizuho, ​​Intermarché and Nordea.

Decision making is an art in perpetual evolution. For 15 years ActiveViam has been able to develop its technologies and its business expertise to stick as closely as possible to the concrete needs of companies. This translates into long-term partnerships with customers who regularly renew their relationship and trust in ActiveViam.

In 2019, to deepen support for its customers, the company created a unit specializing in data science: the Data Lab, which helps companies get the most value from their data.

This adaptation to a constantly changing environment is possible thanks to continuous investments in R&D and the integration of the best talents on the market.

For Antoine Chambille, R&D Director “15 years ago we were pioneers of in-memory technology and we have gained an international reputation for our expertise in this cutting-edge field. Today, data analysis evolves towards AI and data science and it is in these areas that we continue to develop new products. Thanks to our technological expertise and close support, we have won the confidence of our customers and partners, and we will continue to offer innovations to meet the operational challenges of businesses. “

Georges Bory concludes: “For 15 years our technologies have been meeting the needs of the most demanding companies and in 2020 we will open up new markets in the field of data science. We also owe this ascent to our employees who share a passion for excellence. “

Some key dates and figures:

  • Foundation of the company: January 1, 2005
  • 2018 turnover: 25 M €
  • Launch of ActivePivot, in-memory aggregation technology: 2007
  • Launch of ActiveUI, user interface creation technology: 2009

About ActiveViam

ActiveViam was founded in 2005. The company created ActivePivot and ActiveUI, which together form an analytical platform for data-driven decision-making. ActivePivot enables operational managers to efficiently manage their activity by making optimal decisions at the right time and to monitor their performance. Many companies, from banks and financial institutions to large retailers, trust ActiveViam: such as Intermarché, HSBC, Nomura, Nordea or Santander.

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