ActiveViam launches its Data Lab to help companies find insights into their future

New York – 07/10/2019. ActiveViam, the leader of in-memory analytics solutions for operational decision making, announces the creation, within the company, of a new entity specialized in Data Science. This Data Lab, attached to the R&D department of ActiveViam Paris, is dedicated to enhancing the forecasting capacity of its customers and prospects by providing them with richer insights into their markets, operations and customers.

Thanks to this Data Lab, which leverages the best technologies of Data Science – Machine Learning, IA, Python, etc. – in addition to developing its own tools, companies that deal with massive amounts of data in ever-changing environments can find concrete answers to the challenges they face. By applying machine learning algorithms and creating new, intelligent predictive models, the Data Lab enables them to anticipate the behavior and expectations of their customers in order to innovate.

Already tasked by several ActiveViam customers during its pilot phase, the Data Lab has developed models that allow retail companies to exploit their own data on an industrial scale to better serve the needs of their customers. From finance to energy, industry and transport, all ActiveViam customers will now be able to take advantage of this in-house laboratory for advanced data science projects.

Antoine Chambille, ActiveViam’s R&D Director, explains: “Our Data Lab is dedicated to breaking down business questions into technological issues. To achieve this, our data scientists, in collaboration with our customers, develop interactive and instant visualization tools and algorithms to produce automated analysis models. “

Georges Bory, co-founder of ActiveViam concludes: “This new space of creativity within ActiveViam, dedicated to Data Science, enables companies to uncover new insights into their markets, clients and often their own processes, which in turns improves dramatically the precision of their decision-making applications. This constant effort to use the exceptional skills of our staff to support our customers’ success is very much in our DNA. “

About ActiveViam: ActiveViam was founded in 2005. The company publishes ActivePivot and a suite of analytics platforms for data-driven, operational decision making. ActivePivot allows managers to quantify the performance of their business and drive it effectively, making the right decisions at the right time. Many companies from the financial, distribution and logistics sectors rely on ActiveViamfor their most critical processes: HSBC, Société Générale, Santander, Intermarché, etc.
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