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ActiveViam Wins MEAG Software Deal

ActiveViam Head of Front Office
ActiveViam |
September 15, 2020

London/Munich – March 02, 2020 – ActiveViam, the market leader for in-memory analytics technology and solutions inked a deal with MEAG , the asset management arm of the Munich Re Group, one of Germany’s largest asset managers.

MEAG, which manages billions of euros in assets for reinsurance company Munich Re, ERGO, its primary insurance arm, and third-party clients was looking to replace its analytics/aggregation and reporting engine for market risk.

After hearing about ActiveViam’s success in Europe, especially with German banks, MEAG reached out to ActiveViam as a replacement option for their software. ActiveViam built on its previous successes at top global asset managers and hedge funds and demonstrated ease of use, added security and first-rate performance of its core ActivePivot technology.

“We were very impressed by ActiveViam’s cutting-edge technology, fast performance, flexibility, customisability and user-friendly interface,” said Claudio-Peter Prutz, MEAG’s Head of Digital Business Services & Organizational Development.

ActiveViam differentiated itself and outpaced the competition, in its ability to perform complex non-linear calculations on large volumes of data incrementally as the data is updating in real time. ActiveViam’s technology allows users to slice and dice the data, and drill down by instrument and position across funds or look at a particular fund allocation and calculate risk measures across practically any dimension. Its deftness as a premier analytics tool allowed MEAG’s users within a preliminary proof of concept project to perform their analytics as it migrated a complex measure in just under two hours.

MEAG required a system to reconcile key risk metrics such as Value-at-Risk, mark-to-market and Delta exposure regularly for a huge number of instruments – each with 100 attributes – for a large number of portfolios. In total, more than one million positions need to be analysed. The firm required several different users to be able to log into the system simultaneously and needed security and user access rights to view, write, manipulate the data. ActiveViam supported this as well, building a custom user interface using ActiveUI, ActiveViam’s front-end user interface, for MEAG to manage those rights.

ActiveViam and MEAG began discussions over the summer of 2019 which led to a prototyping of data. A subsequent proof-of-concept project demonstrated ActiveViam’s unique capabilities and high performance, reproducing some of the dashboards the users required. The implementation with two ActiveViam resources started in January and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2020.

“ActiveViam works with some of the largest financial institutions in the world, including hedge funds and asset managers because of our ability to seamlessly create an environment for real-time analytics to support superior business intelligence for clients.” said Xavier Bellouard, co-founder and Managing Director of ActiveViam.

About MEAG: : MEAG manages the assets of Munich Re and ERGO. MEAG has representations in Europe, Asia and North America and also offers its extensive know-how to institutional and private clients. MEAG currently manages assets to the value of EUR 278 billion.

For more information about MEAG, please contact: Dr. Josef Wild:, +49 89 2489 2072.

About ActiveViam: ActiveViam was founded in 2005 and has deployed analytical solutions to help financial services firms make instantaneous business decisions and meet operational challenges. With a comprehensive offering of analytics and data science products based on in-memory technology and expert-designed user interfaces, ActiveViam’s clients achieve a unique level of precision, speed and adaptability.
ActiveViam’s software solutions are used today by global banks, hedge funds, asset managers and derivatives exchanges for their most sensitive and intensive analytics needs. With offices in Paris, London, New York and Singapore our 90+ clients in more than a dozen countries include Commerzbank, DekaBank, CME Group, DTCC, Element Capital, HSBC, Mizuho, Nomura, Société Générale, Santander, Scotiabank, and Tudor Funds.

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