atoti vs Atoti: From Data Viz to Secure Enterprise Analytics

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April 29, 2021

When people think of in-memory technology they tend to think of storing data on big, expensive machines within large enterprises to run analytics at super high speed. While that is still a reality for many large banks and a thorough and effective one at that, ActiveViam is bringing the power and flexibility of in-memory computing to everyone who needs it- initially for free.

Welcome to the land of atoti and Atoti — end-to-end business intelligence solutions that honor the tech revolution – no matter your entry point.

From small “a” to….

Websites like GitHub, an open-source coding platform host for developers to showcase and share their work if they choose, and sites such as Reddit and Medium host interactive chat rooms and content sharing to promote new ideas and discourse around software applications, among other topics.

ActiveViam’s free version of atoti is a nod to the development community to join in and play, try, test, learn and try again. Backed by an ultra-high-speed data aggregation and analysis platform and interactive UI, atoti offers unparalleled speed and ability to perform analysis across dimensions with an added layer of crisp graphics supported by first-rate UX design to outperform all other tools in its class.

What is it?

atoti is a free software product that includes a Python library used by data scientists and data and business analysts to build analytical apps.  We know data scientists want to use data to discover trends and “socialize” data and financial quants need to ideate investment strategies. Both need to share their results and there simply isn’t another solution on the market that performs high-velocity data analysis with state-of-the-art interactive dashboards.

The atoti team has been busy at work creating examples for the broader community to plug into.

Here’s a list of examples of atoti Jupyter notebooks where you will find everything from baseball stats to PnL Explain and VaR backtesting:

We like to think of them as Python “notebooks on steroids” because of the ability to add large data volumes and easily manipulate them – something that is not available within the Python ecosystem.

Use the notebooks to create sharp data visualizations that blow other BI tools out of the water:
Like this

Visit to get started.

…the Big “A”

Atoti is for when you are ready to deploy a project into a production environment be it on “Big Machines” or in a public or private cloud.

So have a go at it on the small “a” then let us take you on the rest of the journey.

Atoti is the commercial version of atoti, designed to run enterprise-wide data analytics. Where atoti is limited to two users, Atoti allows multiple users. It also offers the ability to set and monitor limits and KPI’s and security settings and to work from unlimited computing cores and scale up and out.

Small “atoti” gives you a flavor of what you can do on a larger scale.

With Atoti you can connect to data sources and execution systems and create a full-fledged analytics environment across the entire enterprise.  Atoti offers both a Java API and a Python API, so you are free to configure it as it suits your needs.

In Sum…

Many technologists and business users didn’t think of in-memory computing as being accessible because they thought of it as too expensive. Now you get cost and performance packaged like you’ve never seen it before.

Flexibility is in ActiveViam’s DNA and our R&D team is constantly researching, testing and upgrading our technology to keep pace with all of the changes that our clients tell us they need as well as shepherding them on the tech journey as it develops. Come along for the ride.

For more information visit:

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