ActiveViam provides operational analytics solutions to business users in need of timely decision-making over fast-moving data. Our unique value comes into play in time-sensitive and data-intensive business processes that require operational, corrective or predictive decision making in order to better steer the business.

Early in 2005, our founders identified business users need to extract actionable intelligence from rapidly changing operational data. Existing RDBMS and OLAP systems failed to address these needs, and the ActivePivot solution was developed from the ground up with the following key enablers:

In-memory aggregation delivers split-second responses on complex, large data queries. Mixed workload DBMS supports transactional and analytical queries within the same environment.
Real-time alerts enable the detection of outliers and exploration of their cause at any point in the past. Multi-dimensional queries provide the flexibility to explore data across as many dimensions as needed with no restrictions.

This underlying technology has turned ActivePivot into a ‘can’t-do-without’ tool for the most demanding, time-sensitive organizations such as banks and financial organizations. As one of our clients put it - without ActivePivot, “traders fly blind.”
We offer business users a single operational decision-making environment that helps continuously evaluate performance goals, instantly detect and analyze deviations, simulate the impact of scenarios and take relevant action - all in real time.

Building on our extensive background in financial services, we also serve global customers in logistics, transportation, and retail, and cooperate with software vendors, helping them enhance their applications with real-time operational analytics.
ActiveViam is privately owned and operates from offices in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. To learn more, please contact us.

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