Large heaps and Java 9 at Devoxx on April 6th 2017

ActiveViam |
March 22, 2017

This coming April, we will be at Devoxx Paris once again for a presentation (in French) titled “Java 9 à la poursuite des grands heaps”.

Romain Colle, head of the ActivePivot and ActiveMonitor R&D team at ActiveViam, will present how ActiveViam partnered with the Java team at oracle to greatly improve the G1 garbage collection algorithm in Java 9. We will also detail how these innovations enabled us to run an actual, functioning Java application on several TB of memory.

You can see here a video in English of a similar presentation we made with Amir Javanshir, Principal Software Engineer at Oracle.

Come and meet us at Devoxx on April 6th at 2:55 pm.

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