Quartet FS has rebranded as ActiveViam

React vs AngularDear Customers, Partners, Friends and Readers,
As you have no doubt seen from our website blog and other media, Quartet FS has changed its name to ActiveViam. This represents an important step in the evolution of our company, but in retrospect it is an eminently sensible choice.


As our company has evolved from solely serving the financial sector to serving the general business community with solutions for retail and supply chain in addition to finance, the “Financial Systems” component of our name did not adequately reflect the current nature of our business ActiveViam, on the other hand, expresses the passion for precision and the taste for innovation that we deploy across all these activities.

This new name makes our brand more consistent with our products. The names of our products have also changed to describe what they actually do: ActivePivot Live becomes ActiveUI; ActivePivot Sentinel becomes ActiveMonitor; ActivePivot Storage becomes ActiveStorage. ActivePivot ,meanwhile, retains its original name.

We coined the name “ActiveViam” from a quote attributed to Carthaginian general Hannibal. “Viam” refers to “ The Way” which is found or made if none exists and Active expresses the most prominent benefits of our products, their interactivity and inovation, hence ActiveViam.