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The data storage solution optimized for ActivePivot


NoSQL database

  • Complete reliability
  • Fully transactional and MVCC compliant
  • Massively scalable

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Fast loading

Lightning fast loading times

  • 10 GB per second/500 GB per minute
  • The perfect match for ActivePivot’s in-memory analytics engine
Integrated solution

Integrated solution

  • Easy to setup, connect and maintain
  • Runs on standard, low-cost hardware
  • Full set of APIs to serve ActivePivot and other systems

ActiveStorage is an on-disk database system designed
to load large amounts of data into memory as efficiently as possible,
so that it can then be aggregated and analyzed with the ActivePivot engine.

A persistent data storage solution holds the whole of a company’s historical data, while in-memory software such as ActivePivot typically loads and runs only the most recent dataset. These databases have grown exponentially over the past few years and the transfer of data from persistent storage to memory are now a key component of the overall performance.

In-memory computing

Cost-effective, fast and scalable NoSQL database

ActiveStorage is perfect for companies looking for a cost-effective integrated data management solution with both persistent and in-memory capabilities.

ActiveStorage makes use of a NoSQL technology developed by a leading NoSQL. It is highly scalable and specifically optimized to transfer massive amounts of data from disk to memory in the most efficient way possible. It can achieve a rate of 1 terabyte in two minutes to have data loaded, aggregated and ready for querying.

The innovative architecture of ActiveStorage achieves this best-in-class throughput while running on standard, low-cost servers and network equipment.

Optimized for ActivePivot, ActiveStorage nevertheless offers a full set of APIs to enable other systems in the organisation to use it.

ActiveStorage Datasheet


A high-performance NoSQL database solution for persistent data



Business data always at your fingertips

ActiveStorage makes ActivePivot even more reactive and adaptable, allowing for lightning-fast reboot cycles and enabling users to access, in a matter of seconds, any piece of historical data that may not already be loaded into memory.

When a client calls or a situation develops, the combination of ActivePivot and ActiveStorage ensures that you always have all the information you need right there at your fingertips, no matter how granular you need that data and no matter how far back in time you need to go.

Now and again, servers have to be rebooted because of crashes, maintenance or updates. When that happens, ActiveStorage’s fast loading capabilities ensures that your whole system is up and running again within minutes rather than hours.

An easy-to-manage integrated solution

Designed from end-to-end to be the persistent counterpart to ActivePivot, ActiveStorage brings the same level of technology, reliability and customer care to on-disk database technology.

An easy-to-manage integrated solution

The ActiveViam Platform

The ActiveViam product family includes the following products:



An in-memory database combining transactional and analytical processing to handle the aggregation of ever-changing data.

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A rule-based module with workflow and real-time alerting services for KPI management and monitoring.

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An MDX-based data discovery interface with dashboards to enable real-time decisions.

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A NoSQL database that offers best-in-class transfer rate, reliability and scalability and still runs on standard hardware.