Quartet FS announces the availability of Hadoop and NoSQL connectors with its in-memory database ActivePivot

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September 15, 2020

Paris, London, New-York, Singapore – May 26th 2015: Quartet FS, a leading provider of in-memory aggregation and analytics technology, announces a significant extension to its transactional and analytical in-memory database ActivePivot through the availability of connectors for Hadoop and NoSQL.

These connectors provide a simple way to connect massive volumes of data to the ActivePivot aggregation and calculation platform. Typically, these large volumes of data are generated and supplied by the digital economy. Coupled with ActivePivot, these connectors allow organizations to assimilate more data when analyzing their operational metrics, thus supporting decisions that help steer the business in an optimal manner.

The connectors address the needs of two different types of organization :

  • Organizations using Hadoop
    These organizations rely on the Hadoop platform to collect and transform non structured data generated by the Internet (typically media and online advertising). The Hadoop connector enables the integration of huge amounts of digital data (such as log tag data) into the ActivePivot aggregation platform. This platform also facilitates the combination of the non-structured data with structured data generated by CRM and ERP systems. As a result, business users are able to rely on accurate and exhaustive business metrics when making operational decisions.
  • Financial organizations using NoSQL databases
    Risk engines typically generate billions of simulation points that need to be stored before they are suitable for analysis. Many financial companies increasingly regard NoSQL databases such as a Key-Value Store as cost-effective solutions to the storage of such large data sets. An example of this is the use of the NoSQL connector to enable an organization to inject stress/scenario data from a NoSQL database into the ActivePivot in-memory database. By combining simulated data with other forms of data, such as reference data, ActivePivot can compute more sophisticated risk metrics, which help risk managers steer risk positions in a more reliable manner.

Georges Bory, co-founder and managing director of Quartet FS said “ActivePivot, Hadoop and NoSQL databases are complementary technologies that address the needs of big data analytics: Hadoop and NoSQL databases respectively enable the transformation of non-structured data and their storage at a lower cost, whilst ActivePivot supports the interactive and real-time analysis of that data.”

According to Antoine Chambille, head of research and development at Quartet FS, “ActivePivot already provides connectors for SQL and JMS. The addition of Hadoop and NoSQL connectors extends our product line and strengthens our contribution to the Big Data world.”

About Quartet FS

Quartet FS’ in-memory analytical platform ActivePivot provides users with instant insight into massive, fast moving data for timely decision making. ActivePivot is used by time-sensitive organizations to continuously evaluate business performance and make optimal data-driven decisions. Founded in 2005, Quartet FS is a privately owned company with offices in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. With more than fifty live implementations in large international companies, we serve customers in many verticals, including financial services, market exchanges, logistics and retail. For more information, please visit

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