ActiveViam within an elastic cloud architecture

ActiveViam |
June 4, 2021

Many Chief Technology Officers, Risk IT and IT managers in the financial services industry are under pressure to save money on hardware costs. At the same time, business users require ever-greater precision and rapidity to comply with regulatory requirements in a timely fashion, as mandated, for instance, by BCBS 239 for data aggregation and risk reporting. The only technology that can deliver adequate performance is in-memory computing.

Up until now risk analytics (in-memory or otherwise) could not take full advantage of cloud environments to reduce hardware costs because such analytics are unpredictable by nature. You never know what level of detail risk controllers will need to access, which books of which desks they will need to investigate. Since regulatory reporting can no longer wait for nightly batches, you need to make all of the data available for analysis at all times, which creates a significant hardware footprint.

ActiveViam’s risk management solutions use innovative technology to run fully dynamically in cloud environments, consuming exactly the hardware necessary at any minute, without sacrificing any of the analytics capabilities offered by in-memory technology. IT departments can save millions in hardware costs while greatly improving their analysis capabilities. ActiveViam’s in-memory data aggregation and analytics platform is used today by global banks such as HSBC, Société Générale and Mizuho as well as mid-size organizations and hedge funds to perform front office and middle office risk analysis including market risk, intraday liquidity, collateral optimization and more.

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