Atoti What-if

ActiveViam |
November 22, 2020

Make your date work. Harder.

The financial world is no longer living in a simple “bid/ask” trading environment. News moves at the speed of a Tweet. Data is multiplying by the millisecond. Algorithms can roil markets in nanoseconds.

Smart organizations know that the needle has moved from a post-trade regulatory exercise to a world where harnessing data to predict a broader outcome is essential to effectively managing capital.

A 22nd century mindset towards managing data is no longer preferable – it’s crucial as financial markets evolve. Hundreds of pieces of data can potentially be used to inform and facilitate trading decisions but only when it can be properly corralled and analyzed and the results quickly applied. The ability to rapidly simulate a trade’s risk impact on a book, desk or portfolio or to drill down and see a change in market or reference data and its effect on a trade, provides an unparalleled market edge. ActiveViam’s flagship in-memory analytics technology Atoti offers the ability to perform interactive analysis on very large data sets containing hundreds of dimensions in real time as the data continuously updates.

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