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A Powerful analytical platform

pricing decisions

  • Make re-pricing a daily process and compete against Amazon across all channels
  • Instantly receive smart alerts and new price recommendations to respond to your competitor’s actions
  • Simulate any scenario and visualize the impact instantly on volumes, margins, price image and any other KPI you want
  • Write back your decisions into ERPs like SAP, Oracle or in-house solutions
A Powerful analytical platform

Complete, reliable,
up-to-date awareness

  • A unified pricing environment for marketing, sales, merchandising, management, etc.
  • ActivePivot continuously absorbs and displays data from all your systems, down to individual sales receipts
  • No more time-consuming extraction and manual consolidation of data from multiple systems
  • No more hundreds of scattered Access and Excel spreadsheets
A Powerful analytical platform

your pricing workflow

  • No “black box” effect: define your own business rules and apply them transparently for all users
  • Share relevant scenarios and recommendations through a multi-user validation process
  • Monitor and steer your pricing activity and performance with powerful analytics and real-time dash-boarding
  • One tool to rule them all: promotions, rebates, loyalty programs, etc.
Who is it for?
The end of scattered
Excel spreadsheets
Examples: What you can do
with ActivePivot

Who is it for?

All operational departments and stakeholders of the company can find a real benefit into collaborating together using the unified and continuously updated information data vision and power offered by ActivePivot.

Pricing Managers
Pricing Managers
Product Managers
Product Managers
Marketing, Merchandising and Sales
Marketing, Merchandising and Sales
Top Management
Top Management

Pricing Managers will find a flexible and practical tool to:

  • Build a pricing strategy in accordance to the company’s stated goals
  • Send thousands of price recommendations instantly to product managers
  • Monitor the deployment of the strategy through intelligent, customizable alerts
  • Test What-If scenarios to respond best to a change in the environment (competitor price cut, stock shortage, increase in demand, etc.)
  • Simulate and visualize Visualize (or simulate) instantly how changes in key factors such as elasticity, price index, product grouping, etc. impact your KPIs.
  • Run analytics, configure views across any dimension and share them seamlessly with management and operators

Product Managers will achieve immediacy, transparency and granularity over their perimeter:

  • They will have the certainty that all the information they receive is reliable and up-to-date (competitor prices, margins, purchase prices, web analytics, sales volumes...)
  • They will be able to change prices on-the-fly and see instantly the calculated impact on volume, margin and price indexes across their perimeter
  • They will have the ability to approve prices in one click for non-sensitive sections of the assortment and work case-by-case on the more sensitive products
  • They will be able to send their decisions straight back to the price management systems or to the Pricing Department for implementation

Marketing, Merchandising and Sales will have:

  • Category managers can ensure the completeness and consistency of the product price assortment vs. competition and market (price quartiles, scale, amplitude, spectrum...)
  • Analytics tools to monitor and measure sales operations
  • Analyze the performance of each store and help them grow their business, for instance by pushing to regional managers the right mix of products and prices to reproduce the success of others

Top Management will enjoy an eagle-eye view on real-time business performance indicators from anywhere to determine price policies and end-to-end performance.

Top Management Dasboard

The end of scattered Excel spreadsheets

ActivePivot brings you
the information you need to make the best decisions.

ActivePivot can absorb, compute and display data continuously from virtually any source, including:

A unified platform
for collaboration

Make the best decisions display data from any source A unified platform for collaboration

ActivePivot is unique in the way that you have a complete freedom in choosing what data sources you want to connect to the platform, how you want to display the data, defining the business rules you want to apply and the KPIs you want to monitor. The data streams continuously, it is always complete, reliable and up-to-date.

The analytics engine scales seamlessly from individual products and store receipts to global company metrics and displays data across any dimension (category, geography, assortment, price image, customer profile, etc.), while intelligent alerts bring the relevant information to the front.

  • Product catalog
  • Price crawlers
  • Sales data, down to individual store receipts
  • Stock levels - actual, planned and predicted
  • Procurement costs
  • Stock turns
  • Web analytics
  • Marketing data
  • Consumer behavior data

And many more...

All the data, the business rules, the dashboards, etc. are centralized in ActivePivot and can be shared between users across the company. Simulation engines and multi-validation workflows are built into the platform resulting in faster and better-informed decisions.

Go international! ActivePivot scales up easily and supports multiple localizations.

Examples: What you can do with ActivePivot

Refine your Price Perception Index
Refine your Price Perception Index
Avoid brand-damaging prices
Avoid brand-damaging prices


Geo-pricing or location-based pricing is a great example of a strategy only made possible by ActivePivot’s analytical power. Geo-pricing adapts pricing rules for each store depending on its location and the specifics of its catchment area. What other companies are actually competing for the same customers? On which product categories? How is the location impacting supply chain costs? Are there any special circumstances to consider (proximity to the border, a nearby tourist attraction amplifying seasonality...)? ActivePivot seamlessly integrates this information in its decision engine and produces price recommendations accordingly.

Refine your Price Perception Index

When customers see your price, they do not see just a figure. They see your brand, your reputation, your advertising campaigns, the services and warranties your offer and much more. Price perception is an amalgam of many factors carefully weighted. ActivePivot’s in-memory engine can aggregate and compute on-the-fly all the relevant factors, bringing you more accuracy and finesse.

Avoid brand-damaging prices

Brand-damaging prices are what happens when the price of a popular (and, therefore, highly-visible) product of your catalog is out of position, that is to say significantly higher or lower than the average among competitors for a period of time.

Brand-damaging prices must be put back in line as soon as possible, but in order to do that, you need to be able to identify them quickly and to determine what the most appropriate new price is.

ActivePivot enables you to do both. First, smart alerts triggered by continuously streaming data make sure you are notified as early as possible that a product is out of position. Second, the simulation engine lets you find the best price to become competitive again without losing any more margin than you strictly have to.

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