Streaming OLAP – Handling Data in Motion

ActiveViam |
July 29, 2011

As traditional OLAP systems are usually designed to analyze large databases of historic data, they lack the ability to process the most current events as they are introduced into the system. Streaming OLAP provides the ability to continuously monitor new events and, as data changes, query, and analyze the new data, providing the ability to handle data in motion.

Streaming OLAP solutions use real time OLAP technology to send updates as they occur. Data is streamed through an in-memory OLAP cube, allowing the user to run complex queries on the most recent data changes, and quickly act on opportunities and reach well-informed decisions.

Streaming provides a sequence of values and key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be applied according to the user’s requirements. Its application on an in-memory OLAP cube allows analyzing multi-dimensional events, aggregating data from enterprise resources, without the need to transform and setup new databases.

An industry that can benefit from a streaming OLAP solution is the ever-growing e-commerce industry. Online retailers and marketers need to continuously monitor and identify how users access different marketing channels, as well as the profit these channels generate in real time, and have the ability to make quick decisions and adjustments to maintain or increase traffic or sales. Streaming OLAP solutions can provide these capabilities, providing accurate real time information to assist decision-making.

ActivePivot is a solution that combines complex event processing with a real time in-memory OLAP engine, implementing operational intelligence and extracting immediate tangible value from the real-time analysis of contextual event data. ActivePivot provides a continuous query capability, allowing users to set up a query, and the system continuously informs them about relevant data that enters the system.

Another interesting possibility in streaming OLAP solutions is automatic recording of the entire event cycle, from the event initiation, through its different stages to its impact on business results. This enables querying any stage of the event, providing analysis of both cause and effect. ActivePivot provides this capability with the ActiveMonitor component.

ActiveMonitor provides monitoring and action triggering based on real-time events, allowing the user to set certain triggers based on user defined values and multi-dimensional and complex queries. This solution will monitor and analyze events and data changes and notify the user according to the defined criteria.

For more details on ActivePivot’s streaming OLAP capabilities, see our Continuous Event Processing section.

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