ActiveViam announces new collaboration with Google Cloud

ActiveViam |
September 27, 2022

London, September 27, 2022

ActiveViam, a global software provider of data analytics specialized in decision support for the financial industry, is thrilled to announce that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as a technology partner. Google Cloud’s financial services clients will benefit from the ability to meet complex data analytics challenges thanks to a unified cloud-native platform, Atoti, while reducing their Total Cost of Ownership and improving their ROI. 

ActiveViam delivers a fit for purpose data aggregation and analytics platform that empowers trading desks, risk management and treasury teams to eliminate blind spots and accelerate confident decision making. As a Google Cloud partner, ActiveViam will offer software solutions for trading desks, IT, risk management teams and treasury and collateral teams.  The ActiveViam platform gives users a more timely and accurate understanding of what lies behind their data and what causes key metrics  to vary. Among the  benefits of its award-winning  technology, Atoti, are:

  • Optimizing profits
  • Generating higher yield on investments 
  • Reducing exposure to regulatory fines


ActiveViam’s platform Atoti integrates tightly with Google Big Query facilitating analytics on complex metrics across  huge data volumes, enabling use cases that were previously  unachievable with conventional platforms. Users can now benefit from speed-of-thought analytics on key indicators whether it’s historical or current data.  ActiveViam’s Atoti platform i is especially helpful for trend analysis, backtesting and stress testing. 



About ActiveViam

ActiveViam, a global software provider to the financial services industry, delivers a fit for purpose data analytics platform, Atoti,  that accelerates confident decision making. For nearly two decades, we have empowered financial services firms to be ready for the unexpected and eliminate blind spots when making decisions. Performing continuous calculation of risk and performance metrics on huge volumes of fast-moving data, our innovative data aggregation and analytics platform helps clients freely explore metrics at the most granular level, detect and diagnose outliers as they happen, and perform real-time impact analysis of “what-if” scenarios. This results in better business outcomes such as optimized profits, higher yield on investments and reduced exposure to regulatory fines.

Founded in 2005, ActiveViam is a privately-owned company operating in the world’s leading financial marketplaces – London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris and Frankfurt.

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