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About ActiveViam

ActiveViam offers a comprehensive analytics platform to help steer your business with insightful visualization, smart alerting and flexible “What-If” simulations.


Adjusting prices on a daily basis

ActiveViam helps omnichannel retailer Fnac implement faster and smarter price recommendations.

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Tackling a New Approach to Market Risk

Learn how ActiveViam can enable you to meet the new standards swiftly while keeping costs under control

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Gain Insight and Make Better Decisions

ActiveViam offers precise solutions for:


Financial Services

Gain consolidated, in-depth insights into risk metrics across all systems for real-time, intraday risk management and regulatory compliance.

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Dynamic Pricing

Retail Pricing

Manage pricing for tens of thousands of products, set your own business strategies and respond to market
changes rapidly.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Respond to
unplanned supply & demand variations and ensure order fulfilment using full insight and what-if simulations.

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