Build and deploy the best analytics applications 50x faster with Atoti+

Build and deploy the best analytics applications 50x faster with Atoti+

Are you tired of spending more time waiting for your data than actually analyzing it?

Discover Atoti+, the first truly unified platform for enterprise data analysis.

Atoti+ takes on the challenge of ballooning data volumes and saves you time and capital at every step of the way.

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Atoti+ is:


Based on the award-winning ActivePivot in-memory technology, Atoti+ resolves complex calculations over large data volumes in milliseconds where other solutions take hours. 


Atoti+ transforms data analysis by bringing business users together in a single environment where they can easily trade data, ideas and insights.


Atoti+ offers both a Java and a Python API, so developers can turn out  new analytics dashboards and applications in record time, as well as integrate ideas from quants and end-users in the design.


Atoti+ is a cloud-native product, cost-efficient and capable of scaling up and scaling out at will. Atoti+ can also be deployed on-premise or as SaaS.


Atoti+’s technology already serves dozens of major banks today for mission-critical functions. It features everything you’d expect for security, reliability and control.

Also for our existing clients

Atoti+ is built upon the technology you know and love. It brings together ActivePivot, ActiveUI and ActiveMonitor in a single package, together with an array of additional features, particularly a new Python API.
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ActiveViam offers technology products and business solutions for complex data challenges:


The unified platform for enterprise data analysis. Provide your teams with a single environment for all your analytics needs, including data science, modelling, visualization, business dashboard and application development, all the way through to production deployment.

Financial Services 

Gain consolidated, in-depth insights into risk metrics across all systems for real-time front-office trading and intraday risk management. Optimize capital allocation and ensure regulatory compliance with FRTB, LCR, IFRS 9 and more. 


ActiveViam Demo – Precise, collaborative, faster Product Control

Discover how ActiveViam greatly improves the Product Control process …

ActiveViam’s FRTB Accelerator: From meeting regulatory requirements to managing enterprise-wide risk

The FRTB Accelerator is designed with all of the formulas prescribed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision to solve for FRTB SA and IMA with calculations to compute and optimize those respective capital charges.

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ActiveViam FRTB solution provides a flexible risk aggregation tool built on high-performance technology that helps firms meet and steer regulatory capital requirements. [It has] comprehensive functionality with a range of pragmatic analytical and operational options ; Excellent integration and analytic capabilities.

Risk Markets Technology Awards 2021

With the FRTB Accelerator, daily regulatory reporting for trading book activities is now faster and provides much more flexibility.

Marcos Heerdt

, Head of Trading Book Risk Analytics at Erste Group.

Many said “Simply can’t be done”. Good news is, we found ActiveViam.

Marc Meyer

, COO of Wholesale Risk at HSBC