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To help you quickly achieve outcomes and optimize the business value of our products and solutions, our team can offer in-depth product education and/or provide specialist delivery capacity.

Our training services

We empower our partners and customers to use Atoti products independently. Our product experts offer comprehensive training on key components, including the UI, backend services, and JS/Python/Java APIs. We cater to various roles such as traders, risk controllers, risk and liquidity managers, modelers, business analysts, software developers, and IT operations & support staff. Depending on your needs, we provide both premade and custom courses, available remotely or onsite.

Our Consulting Services

We provide international support with the design, implementation, deployment, and tuning of your Atoti based solutions to shorten your time-to-value and maximize ROI.

Our consultants deliver our technology in fit-for-purpose solutions that address critical challenges facing the financial services sector. Our team has the technical and subject matter expertise that reduces project risk and speeds up delivery.

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