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January 10, 2023

January 10, 2023, London

ActiveViam is thrilled to share that we have been shortlisted for the Hedgeweek European Awards 2023 in the Best Risk Management Software category.

ActiveViam empowers Hedge Funds’ top management, portfolio managers, traders and risk managers to control and understand risks on time and fully, while detecting opportunities, and being able to explain them to avoid missing profits. Our software is the only data analytics technology designed for the financial industry to accelerate confident decision making. It has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of complex, trading operations

ActiveViam’s software is the data aggregation and analytics platform used by the world’s leading exchanges, banks and hedge funds. Our hedge fund customers love the fact that any question can be answered from a single application, in a matter of seconds.

Our solution allows hedge funds to:

  • Compute and monitor in real-time the most sophisticated metrics such as VaR, Expected Shortfall, P&L explainers, P&L predict and literally any other custom metric required;
  • Instantaneously drill-down to instrument, trade and underlying level analysis
  • Scale over tens of years of historical or simulated data for stress testing, benchmarking, and what-if analysis on massive datasets

… all this across all strategies, all asset classes, all systems and at the speed of thought.

Please help us by casting your vote no later than January 23rd: Vote for ActiveViam now.

About ActiveViam

ActiveViam, a global software provider to the financial services industry, delivers a fit for purpose data analytics platform that accelerates confident decision making. For nearly two decades, we have empowered financial services firms to be ready for the unexpected and eliminate blind spots when making decisions. Performing continuous calculation of risk and performance metrics on huge volumes of fast-moving data, our innovative data aggregation and analytics platform helps clients freely explore metrics at the most granular level, detect and diagnose outliers as they happen, and perform real-time impact analysis of ‘what-if’ scenarios. This results in better business outcomes such as optimized profits, higher yield on investments and reduced exposure to regulatory fines.

Founded in 2005, ActiveViam is a privately-owned company operating in the world’s leading financial marketplaces – London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris and Frankfurt. 

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