Beacon and ActiveViam Announce Partnership to Deliver Unmatched Data Analytics Insights

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December 7, 2023

December 7, 2023 – NEW YORKBeacon Platform, the all-in-one developer platform for capital markets, today announced a partnership with ActiveViam, a leading provider of advanced analytics and decision-making solutions for the global financial sector. Enabled through the Beacon App Store, this collaboration will provide market participants with the benefits of Beacon’s open and collaborative development platform and ActiveViam’s highly scalable capital markets analytics engine to reveal greater insights and enable state-of-the-art risk management on large, complex trading books.

Beacon is a trading, risk management, and development platform that enables capital markets firms to increase the transparency and efficiency of their operations. The company’s cloud-native platform includes configurable financial instrument definitions, cross-asset risk and reporting applications, and a broad range of integration points.

ActiveViam’s flagship product, Atoti, represents a breakthrough in analytics technology, specifically designed to address the most complex data analytics challenges faced by financial services organizations. Atoti empowers teams to perform intricate, interactive analysis of multi-dimensional calculations on vast datasets, including rapidly changing data crucial for mission-critical decision-making. This partnership will extend to co-development efforts, encompassing both applications and research and development initiatives.

With Beacon’s App Store integration of Atoti, clients will be able to set up the Atoti data analytics server in Beacon and use Beacon as an orchestration platform to feed trade- and portfolio-level analytics into the Atoti aggregation engine. These can then be hydrated with data to create real-time risk cubes and visualization dashboards. This combination allows clients of both Beacon and ActiveViam to derive high value insights for the trading and risk management teams.


“Integrating ActiveViam’s advanced data-analytics with Beacon’s extensible risk and trading platform and secure scalable cloud compute opens up multiple dimensions for research, trading, scenario analysis and risk management. Beacon’s open architecture and partner ecosystem enables clients to rapidly capture new market opportunities in capital markets and I’m really excited about the opportunity to partner with ActiveViam,” said Kirat Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Beacon Platform.


“By integrating ActiveViam’s powerful Atoti analytics engine into Beacon’s open and collaborative development platform, we aim to empower financial institutions with unparalleled capabilities for real-time data analytics. This collaboration further solidifies our leadership position in addressing the complex challenges faced by the financial sector, enabling our clients to make informed decisions, manage risks, and derive meaningful insights from vast and dynamic datasets, “said Kathy Perrotte, CEO and co-founder of ActiveViam. 


About ActiveViam 

Founded by a group of industry experts, ActiveViam understands the data analytics challenges faced by financial institutions across trading desks, risk, and compliance. That is why we pioneered the use of high-performance analytics in finance, helping the largest investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds make better decisions, explain results with confidence, and simulate the impact of their decisions. 

Our mission is to deliver train-of-thought analysis on terabytes of data in the most cost-effective way so our customers can explain their results with confidence and model the scenarios that will optimize their business. We are a pure player specializing in risk data analytics for one of the fastest-moving and most regulated industries with a presence in the world’s leading financial marketplaces – London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris and Frankfurt. For more information please visit: or follow us on LinkedIn


About Beacon Platform

Beacon is a financial technology firm that provides everything quantitative developers need to rapidly build, test, deploy, and share trading and risk applications, analytics, and models. Developed by a team with unmatched financial markets experience, Beacon’s unified platform includes the apps, tools, and infrastructure firms need to migrate their software and infrastructure to the cloud, manage risk across all asset classes, and focus on building innovative strategies that provide a competitive edge. For more information visit

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