Erste Group Bank Launches ActiveViam’s Limits Monitoring Module to Manage Intraday Risk

ActiveViam |
December 6, 2022

Vienna, December 6, 2022— ActiveViam, a global provider of fit-for-purpose software solutions to the financial services industry, is pleased to announce that Erste Group Bank is the first client to adopt ActiveViam’s new Limits Monitoring module. 

The product went live at the bank last month and will be extended by scope and users during the upcoming months. This will help Erste Group Bank to enforce their risk appetite while maintaining and monitoring limits on a daily basis.  

Erste Group Bank had a choice between developing an in-house solution or acquiring a product from a software vendor. Ultimately they chose ActiveViam’s solution after using an internal tool that was limited in scope. 


“We wanted a solution that would ensure all (risk) sensitivities based on the independent price valuation methodology are available and can be limited on all aggregation levels for all entities on a daily basis,” said Marcos Heerdt, Head of Market and Liquidity Risk Analytics at Erste Group Bank. “With ActiveViam, we are able to monitor in a robust, safe and scalable manner sensitivities and notional limits in real time with a dedicated definable workflow. It adds consistency to the information system because all the measures used in the new limits system are available in our existing risk cubes.”


Erste Group Bank is already using ActiveViam’s FRTB Accelerator, which has helped the bank to reduce implementation costs and comply with market risk management regulation.


“We noticed many of the organizations we serve struggle with the overhead of maintaining limits,” said Colleen Cosgrove, Chief Solutions Officer at ActiveViam. “”The process is similar from client to client and thanks to our extensive experience in risk data modeling and data aggregation we deliver a solution that solves this problem across the industry in a cost-effective and efficient way.”


About Erste Group Bank

Erste Group Bank AG, the premier Austrian financial institution and the country’s largest bank, serves more than 16 million clients in Central and Eastern Europe. Erste Group has been an ActiveViam client since 2015 and during that time has used ActiveViam technologies for FRTB, market risk analysis and VaR aggregation.


About ActiveViam

ActiveViam, a global software provider to the financial services industry, delivers a fit-for-purpose data analytics platform that accelerates confident decision making. For nearly two decades, we have empowered financial services firms to be ready for the unexpected and eliminate blind spots when making decisions. Performing continuous calculation of risk and performance metrics on huge volumes of fast-moving data, our innovative data aggregation and analytics platform helps clients freely explore metrics at the most granular level, detect and diagnose outliers as they happen, and perform real-time impact analysis of ‘what-if’ scenarios. This results in better business outcomes such as optimized profits, higher yield on investments and reduced exposure to regulatory fines.

Founded in 2005, ActiveViam is a privately-owned company operating in the world’s leading financial marketplaces – London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris and Frankfurt. Our FRTB solution has been recognized as “FRTB Product of the Year” by Risk and by Waters Technology as the “Best Sell-Side Credit Risk Product.”


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