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Discover what makes Atoti so effective

Atoti is a new take on interactive multidimensional analysis where all metrics are aggregated from granular data on-the-fly.

Business users get KPIs on the latest data enabling them to explain and validate it, and to use What-If analysis to optimize their decisions.

Atoti works on simple sums and complex chains of non-additive measures, on large volumes of historical data and live data that changes in real time. That’s the magic.

This unique capacity is achieved through raw speed, advanced data modeling and innovative support of incremental data updates.


Atoti does everything on the fly, giving users complete freedom. Due to Atoti's sub-second aggregation of complex metrics on large volumes of data, its database innovations (in-memory column stores, bitmap indexes, work-stealing multithreading, distributed computing) and user defined functions that run at native speed, you no longer have to rely on pre-aggregated datasets, pre-calculated metrics or pre-loaded dashboards.

Multidimensional analysis reinvented

Discover the power of Atoti's new generation of cubes, allowing you to explore and add unlimited measures and dimensions effortlessly. Experience rapid multidimensional analysis with fast queries and concurrent data updates. Atoti serves as a semantic layer, transforming raw data into intuitive business hierarchies and metrics, making complex data analysis accessible and straightforward. Centralize your metrics and generate dynamic business logic to create comprehensive reports, ready to meet the demands of today and the future.

Advanced modeling for self-service data analytics

Eliminate the hassle of complex queries, batch processing, and canned reports. With Atoti, you can achieve simplified, highly detailed key metrics precisely modeled using Java or Python APIs. Atoti metrics are presented as straightforward sums in a pivot table, ready for use in reports and queries. You can easily group or filter using any of the data model’s hierarchies, making it ideal for Value at Risk, Expected Shortfall, Potential Exposure, and real-time PnL estimates.

Mix high performance queries and operational data

Our new Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) engine supports queries and transactional data updates at scale. Each transaction generates a new version of the data without interrupting queries running on previous versions. Thanks to lock-free, delta-based data structures, this mechanism scales to large numbers of updates and versions. Plus, several users can work on the same Atoti instance, view their own version of the data, make adjustments and what-if simulations without altering official data.

End to end real-time processing

Go beyond fast data updates by implementing continuous queries and aggregate metrics users can see instantly. Our recalculation pipeline enables real-time PnL and risk-monitoring at the scale of an entire trading desk. Traders and desk managers will see new transactions and market data updates on their dashboards in sub-seconds.

Improve performance and
infrastructure costs

Import data in-memory, query external databases on the fly -- or do both and bring operational workflows on intraday data and historical analysis together in unified solutions. In Direct Query mode, you cache recent or pre-aggregated data in-memory, accelerating the most frequent queries, skipping the data warehouse, and preserving access to detailed and historical data. Precisely and dynamically define which metrics, hierarchies and scope of data you cache in-memory and which stay on disk, reducing data warehouse compute costs, while offering the highest performance on critical use cases.

Atoti delivers:

On the fly, self-service analytics
of complex metrics without
the need for IT

Continuous re-calculation of metrics on massive and fast-moving
data sets

Concurrent data updates on operational workflows

Atoti technical environment

You can deploy Atoti on-premise or in a private or public cloud (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and more). The fully flexible, scalable and dynamic platform meets any challenge on any hardware configuration.

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