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Beyond FRTB compliance

Defining the new competitive standard with ActiveViam

Now that the Fed has released their NPR with the first round of unit tests, take this opportunity to reconcile your results against our validated results using ActiveViam’s market leading solution – Atoti FRTB – to investigate differences.

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) is a comprehensive set of capital rules developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) and adapted by jurisdictional regulatory authorities. It presents significant challenges for the banking industry, pushing infrastructure and business units to their computational and innovative limits.

Turn compliance into capital by unlocking new insights into tomorrow’s markets. ActiveViam’s Atoti FRTB is a complete, end-to-end solution for contemporary regulatory challenges that delivers the adaptability and computational power you need to stay competitive. Not just compliant.

Atoti FRTB is a nimble, adaptable and reusable solution that simplifies rule implementation, maximizes future utility, and offers limitless interrogative flexibility. It enables advanced capital optimization and holistic market risk management, breaking down institutional and data silos.

There’s no need to overhaul your entire risk analysis and reporting framework; Atoti FRTB integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

Take the opportunity FRTB presents to go beyond reporting and explaining.  Optimization of the capital charge is where growth and profitability reside. 

How best to organize or reorganize portfolios? What would be the impact of changing positions or making certain trades? How can we improve our models? Optimization requires a higher capability for analysis that, today, only Atoti FRTB can deliver.

The future is here: do you want to be just compliant, or competitive?

Atoti FRTB was designed to address the new capital requirements outlined by the Federal Reserve Board in the US Basel III Endgame NPR and helped BNY Mellon effectively estimate the capital impact of the new regulation while providing a response to the US requirements within weeks of the NPR release.

Manoo Halati, Managing Director
at BNY Mellon

Atoti FRTB saved us a lot of time and resources from the bank’s internal development teams. Atoti FRTB in particular provided data format definition and with our past experience working together with ActiveViam, they offered end-to-end deliveries from the beginning.

Marcos Heerdt, Head of Trading Book Risk Analytics at Erste Group

Atoti FRTB:

Atoti FRTB delivers:

Report. Optimize. Explain. Compete.
Harness the power of Atoti FRTB

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