IT & technology

Prepare financial services organizations to
be ready for the unexpected

Easily deploy new calculations, models and dashboards. Empower your business users while reducing workload on IT resources. Lower cost by consolidating and rationalizing the IT ecosystem. Support the transition to the cloud to bring greater agility to your business.


Run interactive calculations on the fly

Overcome limitations of spreadsheets and manual calculations

Leverage compute power and in-memory database speeds

Purpose built financial data analytics engine developed specifically for the types of calculations you need

No pre-aggregation required; not bound by pre-canned static reports

Analyze data at the “speed of thought"

Atoti harnesses HPC, database and data modeling expertise, so you can run on-demand calculations at your speed of thought. No more pre-aggregating data sets, pre-calculating metrics or preloading dashboards. Instead: real-time visibility, even when calculating complex queries down to the trade level of granularity."

Overcome “slow IT" and "shadow IT’s” limitations

You can’t always predict the queries you'll need to run to explain what just happened. Requesting changes requires “slow IT” to build new canned reports -- which takes way too long for users who need answers now. Asking new or unexpected questions stresses the “shadow IT” Excel spreadsheets that emerged as a response to slow IT. Atoti clears these hurdles by empowering self-service end users to run on-demand reports, leverage new data streams and make better decisions, faster.

One reusable platform.
Multiple use cases

The Atoti data analytics platform enables multiple use cases for your organization. Unlike packaged solutions that implement one use case at a time and create silos, Atoti is a technology that can solve all the use cases and federate them. With Atoti you may start with a successful market risk implementation and then create economies of scale as your teams use their expertise to build collateral optimization, FRTB regulation, liquidity risk, credit risk, xVA, IFRS9…

Democratize your data and promote collaboration across teams

Atoti acts as a semantic layer translating the technical representation of data, database tables and files into business hierarchies and metrics that end users understand. So you can visualize with the tools you already work with, and get everyone using the same, up-to-date definition for each metric.

Deploy how you want, where you want

Many IT teams want to move to the cloud but at the same time maintain a large ecosystem of on-premise applications. Atoti manages this situation by offering a consistent deployment experience across all public clouds and on premise. You don’t have to redo data models, dashboards and data access rights for each environment you support. You can start a project on premise on top of a database such as ClickHouse and move it to the cloud on top of SnowFlake.

Optimize your infrastructure costs across in-memory, disk and warehouses

Atoti empowers you to decide which data is loaded in-memory and which remains in the underlying data warehouses. By selectively loading only a fraction of your dataset into memory, you can achieve sub-second query performance while significantly reducing compute costs associated with your data warehouse. This dynamic optimization is seamless and transparent to end users: Atoti always presents the complete dataset, automatically utilizing the optimal combination of database queries and in-memory processing to deliver the best performance and efficiency.

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