Front Office

Explore Atoti solutions for trading desks

Get real-time insight at the right time to make the best trading decisions.

Achieve "true" real-time visibility of risk and PnL in the front office across all desks and trading units.

Accelerate the end-of-day certification process with state-of-the-art valuation adjustment and sign-off business workflows.


Traders can monitor Risk and PnL at a granular level and get PnL prediction down to trade and risk factor

The Head of Risk gets a single source of truth for the organization

Improve collaboration between the front and middle-office: one solution, multiple purposes

Simulate trading strategies and assess the impact on positions, risk and PnL as well as trading limits

Simulate market data shifts and immediately visualize the impact on PnL predict

Streamline the production of Flash PnL at the end of the day, with dedicated operational workflows

Explore the data, run simulations and confidently assess the impact of changing market parameters and pricing to optimize collateral strategy

Real-time risk monitoring

Gain continuous, up-to-date insight into risk in the front office, at any level of aggregation. Get real-time answers to critical questions including: Which trade just put us at risk of breaching a limit? What insights can we gain from a what-if simulation that adds or subtracts a set of trades? Can we do this deal and stay within the limits?

Real-time PnL predict

Assess trade profitability without waiting for end of day full revaluation. Instantly see what is driving the PnL, assess the live impact of market moves and of
latest trade life cycle events. Run a flash PnL against the most recent trade and market data. Close the gap between flash PnL and T+1 reporting.


Centralize all xVA data onto a single platform and analyze the contribution of every xVA indicator to risk and PnL with much greater granularity. Define and optimize your hedging strategies. Simulate the impact of new trades across various netting sets in order to select the “cheapest” counterparties to deal with.

Real-time Inventory management

Use Atoti to consolidate inventories and better forecast and manage liquidity. Gain real-time visibility of your balance sheet data to monitor the impact of trading decisions on HQLA and collateral positions.

Collateral positioning monitoring

Detect any case of over- or under-collateralization. Continuously monitor for eligibility breaches and anticipate the impact of new pledge strategies on your global assets inventory. With Atoti, optimize your pledge decisions without degrading your HQLA ratio.

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