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Why ActiveViam is the key

You want to provide a financial data analytics solution robust enough for the quantitative team but intuitive enough for users to run their own reports.

Pre-aggregated calculations on bucketed data is inflexible. Your team needs the flexibility of a semantic layer to build their own hierarchies, real-time updates and interactive disaggregation of non-linear metrics.

You know the dangers of disparate systems and custom applications. “Shadow IT” is costly to maintain and a source of unforced mistakes.

Atoti makes IT’s job easier. Provide your organization with a highly configurable single platform, deployable on-prem or in any cloud, that delivers the best analytics precision across terabytes of data.

What you can do differently

Be ready for the unexpected and never make an uninformed decision again

Run Atoi on premise or
in any cloud

Query AWS, BigQuery, Snowflake, Synapse and more

Control user access with data configuration rules

Deploy a powerful semantic layer to tackle any complex data analytics challenge

Design and deploy projects in either Python or Java

Get rid of “Shadow IT"

What makes Atoti so effective

Every change requested by the business required IT involvement.

Team members make their own changes

Business couldn’t see historical values at a book level due to limitations of pre-aggregation.

See book values in real time and leverage in-memory calculations for maximum speed with continuous recalculations.

IT was stuck supporting multiple spreadsheet and calculation engines.

Centralized calculations with Atoti to promote collaboration and reduce IT support requirements.

No ability to run effective simulations.

“What if” simulations provide tremendous value to Business, Risk, Trading and heads of desks as they can model out various scenarios.

Atoti resources

Watch Atoti in action

With Atoti users can find the drivers and dig deeper into the underlying data of any risk metrics with unlimited freedom and unparalleled speed, giving them the confidence to make informed decisions.

Use Cases

Discover Atoti for Front Office projects

Find out how Atoti can help your teams manipulate data and confidently assess the impact of changing market influences, pricing and profitability to optimize collateral strategy.

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