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Go deeper into the capabilities of Atoti with our video library covering everything from introductions and guides, to tutorials.

The Atoti video library

Nordea Markets - Carolina Hagengard
Atoti User Stories - Commerzbank - Joern Wetzel
Atoti User Stories - HSBC - Antoine Bommelaer
ActiveViam Connect 2017 - Peter Dahlström - Liquidity Management at SEB
ActiveViam Connect 2017 - Lim Chew - Risk Systems Roadmap at SGX
ActiveViam Connect 2017 - Marc Meyer - Counterparty Credit Risk at HSBC

More about Atoti

ActiveViam’s Sign-Off module
An off-the-shelf add-on to secure your approval process and conform to Best Practices for BCBS 239....
Atoti hybrid mode with DirectQuery
Atoti hybrid mode with DirectQuery allows you to combine the power of in-memory analytics with the cost efficiency of cloud storage and dramatically...
Accelerate your analytics with Atoti
Build and deploy the best enterprise analytics applications 50 times faster....
Banks Ready for the cloud
We have asked ActiveViam clients and partners what changes the rise of public cloud platform will bring to the finance industry. This reports compiles...
ActiveViam elastic cloud
Discover how our technology deployed in the cloud enables our clients to save millions on hardware costs every year.......

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