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Why ActiveViam is the key

You need to analyze a lot of data: real-time, complete, and accurate market, news, trade, operational, pricing, weather and regulatory data.

Your traders need to simulate the impact of trades on their risk on-the-fly.

Your traders need to run real-time PnL analytics all the way down to the trade level, and they need deep historical data for back-testing.

Only Atoti combines real-time financial data analytics with the historical reporting and simulations needed to ignite your insights.

What can you do differently?

Use in-memory database technology for the fastest way to compute complex calculations.

Remove the need for pre-aggregating your data and for knowing the question in advance.

Gain ability to change a parameter and update all of the calculations.

Run a side-by-side comparison to see the impact of changing one metric.

Model a single trade’s impact on PnL.

You won’t always know the questions in advance. So we built an engine that will answer your questions on the fly.

What makes Atoti so effective

Waiting for IT to make changes and customizations was inefficient and frustrating

Using the data, your team makes reports and decisions quickly

End of day sign off process lacks all the data needed.

Your team has complete visibility to the data and is able to quickly spot if any missing data

Was unable to run side-by-side data comparisons

Team is running side-by-side comparisons and changing individual data points to assess impact

Couldn’t predict PnL at the end of the day

Team is predicting PnL and modeling it against multiple scenarios

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