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I create data driven insights for my organization

Your team is in charge of risk modeling. You require high performance computing as you access large datasets of financial data to compute risk metrics

You know pre-aggregated calculations on bucketed data will not get you the most accurate analysis. You need real-time processing and real-time aggregation, including non-linear aggregations

Your users need to assess the potential impact of changes. You want to provide self-service access to risk engines and the ability for users to simulate “what-if” scenarios

You know the dangers of users creating their own systems for their calculations. “Shadow IT” is an unsupportable mess for the business that erodes confidence in decisions

What can teams do differently?

Model a new scenario with a built in “what if” capability

Assess the impact of an asset class changing

See the effect of a single trade on your PnL

Include intraday data from 1000s of sources updated every second in your PnL calculation

What makes Atoti so effective

Your users struggled to get accurate information reflecting the most current values

Your users benefit from continuous calculations from real-time processing

Your users lacked the ability to run models and simulations

Your users can run “what if” simulations without assistance from the technology team

Your business suffered from Shadow IT and hard to support calculation engines

Your business benefits from a centralized source of truth that promotes collaboration

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