I am a business lead

I manage risk projects

Why ActiveViam is the key

Your team has the difficult task of protecting the business while empowering traders to take calculated risks that maximize profits

Quickly finding problems and comparing data across credit, market, and operational risks

You reconcile, analyze, explain and approve risks everyday

You need to make your calculations fast enough to offer the best advice for your business, and Atoti can help

What can you do differently?

Heads of Risk get data all can trust to best protect the firm and meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Effectively set and operate risk limits to best avoid breaches

Give your traders more time to make decisions with faster calculations of risks

Give your traders “per trade” ability to run calculations and simulations before they trade

Use VaR explainer and PnL explainer to improve sign-off and end of day processes

You can reconcile data from multiple sources to get the most accurate risk assessments

What makes Atoti so effective for Risk

Cannot see impact of trades in real-time

See instantly what trade in the last 5 minutes most impacted our VaR

Cannot determine if we have breached a risk limit

Empower traders to see before they make a trade

Cannot get a quick response from team on whether we are at risk of breaching a risk limit

Get the real-time answer your traders need to exploit a movement in the market

Can’t predict PnL at the end of the day

Can predict PnL and can model that against multiple scenarios

“Atoti is the only data analytics platform designed exclusively to help address the special requirements of the financial industry.”

Antoine Chambille, ActiveViam CTO

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