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Why ActiveViam is the key

The treasury team ensures the business has the capital to meet day-to-day financial requirements

Disparate systems, batch processing and data reconciliation make this difficult, and if you can't back-test against deep historical data, your ability to learn from past decisions is limited

What you need is intra-day visibility and collateral forecasts to predict liquidity needs

What can you do differently?

Run simulations to model

Provide the entire business a centralized way to collaborate

Use PnL and VaR Explainer functions to provide valuable insights

Show Risk, Audit, Compliance, and IT teams the same raw data that drives trader’s decisions

Approve with confidence because the data is accurate and up-to-date

What makes Atoti so effective for Treasury

Ability to calculate the cost of funding in real time was limited

Instantly see impact of trades on counterparty risks

Confidence in Inventory and balance sheet controls was lacking

Accurate liquidity data continuously update as well as ability to go back historically and review how things would have performed

Credit Desks, Treasury Desks, FX Desks lack the data they need to settle each day’s activities

With real-time answers, your Treasury team understands market movements

Could not simulate the impact of changing an asset class

Now can simulate the impact of changing asset classes

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