Business lead: Risk projects

Atoti FRTB

Advanced analytics capabilities for the FRTB Standardised Approach and Internal Models Approach

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IFRS 9 (risk)

Slice, dice, filter and segment loans to identify patterns such as probability of default and investigate the cause of a change in the potential default

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IRRBB (risk)

Match interest rate sensitive assets and liabilities and manage long-term risk, fluidly. We’ll help you create a negative interest rate scenario and look at the

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SA-CCR (risk)

Calculate and decompose risk drivers at any level and instantly see results. Anticipate the credit risk capital impact of new trades and deliver a precise

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Value at Risk (risk)

Integrate data from multiple sources and use in-memory database to produce non-linear calculations and multi-dimensional analysis of VaR, Cvar, HVaR, TVar, MVar, Stress VaR and

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