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“Set up a system collecting usage data about a web application”


Atoti UI is a web application allowing the analysis of very large datasets collaboratively, using shareable dashboards. With it, users can create performant and interactive tables and charts showing results of aggregations made on billions of data points. It is a component of our product: Atoti. This application contains many built-in functionalities and can also be extended through a system of plugins. This way, our customers can create their own specific visualisation components or actions, in order to answer specific business requirements.

The task of designing such an application is a constant act of tightrope walking, between power and flexibility on one hand and simplicity on the other. What to offer and what to deny? And more importantly: to whom? In which context?

You can help us answer these questions by discovering our users’ behaviours in a quantitative way.

Expected work

The goal of this internship is to set up a system collecting usage data about Atoti UI, and to analyse this data using Atoti. You will have to deploy a Cloud database, implement calls to this database from the web application (if the user gave their consent of course) and leverage our product in order to present the fruits of your data collection, after your work has been rolled out and used.

This will be an opportunity for you to:

  • Earn some full-stack development experience by:
    • Contributing to the development of a FrontEnd (TypeScript React)
    • Setting up and administering a Cloud database (AWS)
  • Discover the world of multidimensional data analysis

About ActiveViam

Founded by a group of industry experts, ActiveViam understands the data analytics challenges faced by financial institutions across trading desks, risk, and compliance. That is why we pioneered the use of high-performance analytics in finance, helping the largest investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds make better decisions, explain results with confidence, and simulate the impact of their decisions.

Our mission is to deliver train-of-thought analysis on terabytes of data in the most cost-effective way so our customers can explain their results with confidence and model the scenarios that will optimize their business. We are a pure player specializing in risk data analytics for one of the fastest moving and most regulated industries with a presence in the world’s leading financial marketplaces: London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris and Frankfurt.

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