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Atoti Operational SubLedger

Atoti Operational SubLedger streamlines accounting period closes by automating data consolidation, rule-based processes, and interactive analysis. It reduces manual efforts, enhances traceability, and allows detailed

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Financial institutions have completed a significant portion, if not all, of the UMR 6 implementation. However, this isn’t merely regulatory compliance. Efficient collateral optimization necessitates

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Atoti for Quantitative Trading

Unlock the true potential of your trading strategies with Atoti’s powerful features: Perform train-of-thought analysis freely on massive trading datasets Easily pivot billions of data

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Unlock tomorrow’s liquidity

At ActiveViam, we are pioneers in the use of high-performance analytics in finance. With our powerful data analytics platform, Atoti, we empower financial institutions worldwide

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Atoti Sign-off

Conform to Best Practices for BCBS 239 Enable Fast and Efficient Team Collaboration Integrate Existing Systems and Procedures Download

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