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ActiveViam Webinar – April 26 2017: “Cloud deployment and scale-out architecture in ActivePivot 5.5”

ActiveViam |
April 19, 2017

On April, 26 we will host two 30-minute live webinars where we will unveil two key new innovations introduced in the latest version of ActivePivot.

During the first half of the webinar, Paul Barès, Senior R&D Engineer in charge of distributed scalability, will explain how we significantly improved ActivePivot’s ability to perform in distributed architectures.

After 30 minutes, Benoit Brouard, Senior Cloud R&D Engineer, will take over to detail how the new version of ActivePivot can be deployed in public and private clouds, how it performs in those environments and how it helps streamline new implementations.

We provide you two time slots to allow you to join us from America, Europe, or Asia.

To register please choose one of the time-slots below:

Slot 1
  • 9 am – London
  • 10 am – Paris
  • 4 pm – Singapore
    & Hong Kong
Slot 2
  • 3 pm – London
  • 4 pm – Paris
  • 10 am – New York

Feel free to join the session partway through, if you are more interested in one or the other topic.

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