ActiveViam Connect 2017 – Technology Keynote

ActiveViam |
July 21, 2017

Antoine Chambille, Head of R&D at ActiveViam presented his traditional technology keynote during the ActiveViam Connect in London last June, with Olivier Jolit, Senior Software Engineer at ActiveViam.

On this occasion, They shed some light on our latest product innovations of the ActiveViam, all concurring to improve business agility for our customers and to empower more people and organizations with access to the power of our technology.

In this presentation, they demonstrated two cutting-edge developments which all but eliminate the delays and rigidity of traditional project implementations:

  • First, Antoine details how we successfully ran the cloud-optimised version of ActiveViam platform with a 40 Tib set of financial data. The cloud allows any organization to take full advantage of the ActivePivot in-memory analytics cluster, regardless of their internal hardware availability.
  • In the second part, Olivier performs a live demonstration of the new ActiveViam API inspired by Apache Spark. It drastically simplifies the writing of instructions and post-processors within the platform, enabling developers to work much faster and other users of such as data analysts to perform more sophisticated analyses, with just a basic grasp of coding.

Check out below the full video of their presentation.

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