ActiveViam Extends Strategic Partnership with Societe Generale Global Banking & Investor Solutions for Five More Years

ActiveViam |
December 15, 2023

Paris, France – 15 December 2023

ActiveViam is pleased to announce the extension of its strategic partnership with  Societe Generale Global Banking & Investor Solutions (GBIS), as a leading provider of Innovative data analytics solutions for the financial services industry for an additional five years. Following several recent successful project implementations, ActiveViam’s Atoti technology has become central to traders across all GBIS market business for real-time risk and PnL management.

GBIS has been a longstanding customer of ActiveViam since 2010. In 2022, GBIS went live successfully with Atoti FRTB, ActiveViam’s dedicated solution for the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB).


Habib Amairi, FRTB IT Program Director for the Societe Generale Group said, “Our collaboration with ActiveViam has proven highly productive, with their technical and business experts engaging seamlessly with our team. This synergy has enabled us to successfully deliver the right FRTB application, meeting both the deadline and budget requirements. Our FRTB solution, now operational with Atoti, has exhibited very good integration within SG platform.


Aurélien Chaput, Head of Market Risks & PnL for Global Markets confirmed, “The Atoti FRTB solution provides the essential features we required, notably its comprehensive and flexible ‘what-if’ capabilities. We are currently exploring the possibility of generating SBM and DRC risk charges more frequently, extending beyond the regulatory mandate.


In 2023, GBIS also successfully implemented a new real-time risk and PnL application for the front-office equity and equity derivatives desk, built on the Atoti platform. This project is similar to an application named Great that has been in production for the fixed-income desk for many years. (see case study: “How Societe Generale CIB Supports the Growth of Its Global Fixed Income and Currencies Business“.) Great is a global tool for real time risk analysis, PnL monitoring and hedging. Traders leverage it for consolidated risk/PnL insights and the ability to drilldown to the most granular level, enabling them to make well-timed market decisions and enhance their hedging strategies.

Great is a real-time trading and risk management application that processes hundreds of thousands of trades and market data updates per second. With Atoti at its core, users have access to real-time PnL and risk information as well as the ability to monitor mission critical limits.

Following a comprehensive evaluation and a Proof-of-Value assessment involving ActiveViam and two other software vendors, only Atoti demonstrated the required speed expected by front office users.


Thibault Vigier, Director, Trading at Societe Generale said, “Atoti excels in providing cost-effective real-time solutions for front-office applications, offering superior performance in monitoring intraday PnL and Risks and quickly assessing the impact of risk factors and new trades on portfolios.


These two successful projects represent significant milestones for both firms, underscoring ActiveViam’s dedication to providing innovative, robust and valuable solutions to the financial sector. GBIS will soon study the implementation of the Atoti DirectQuery feature, which solves the dilemma between in-memory and in-database analytics, combining the advantages of speed and cost-efficiency through its innovative hybrid model.


We are delighted to have Societe Generale as our customer and partner,” said Laurent Sultan, Chief Revenue Officer of ActiveViam. “We are pleased to offer them a reliable and innovative solution that meets their needs and helps them to achieve their business goals. We look forward to continuing our relationship and supporting Societe Generale in their future projects.


We are pleased with our decision to partner with ActiveViam as our key solution provider,” said Laurent Caillot, Global Chief Information Officer Wholesale Banking at Societe Generale. We are very interested with the Atoti DirectQuery feature and the substantial reduction in infrastructure costs it allows. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ActiveViam and achieving further successes together.

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