ActiveViam joins GreenRWA to Assist Banks with Managing Climate-Related Financial Risk

ActiveViam |
May 27, 2021

ActiveViam is excited to announce it has joined Green RWA, a network of academics, banks, regulators and quants dedicated to supporting solutions for banks to precisely gauge and manage climate-related financial risk.

Climate change is a pressing issue for society-at-large and financial firms are grappling with how to manage the long-term risks associated with it using the right tools and methods.

Global regulators in Europe and the U.K. have started developing and implementing policies requiring financial institutions to perform stress tests on their portfolios and real assets in order to gauge their risk to climate-related eventualities. As well, banks’ balance sheets and credit risk will be affected by the transition to greener fuels in the companies they invest in and the real assets they hold.  

Green RWA has already partnered with ActiveViam and used its Atoti solution to implement a model to test climate change scenarios on banks’ credit risk in partnership with capital markets consultancy Iggaak. The Climate Extended Risk model or CERM, specifically assesses how climate risks may impact extreme losses and raise capital requirements on loan portfolios.   

“Climate risk is the challenge of our times,” said Xavier Bellouard, Managing Partner of ActiveViam. “We are very keen to work with the brilliant minds at Green RWA and develop a suite of software products to enhance and support banks’ ability to manage climate risk within their financial portfolios.”

GreenRWA is developing a Climate Finance Ecosystem to set a standard and streamline a way to build tools for climate risk quantification inclusive of a platform to define methodologies and models around climate data.

“We are very happy that ActiveViam has decided to join Green RWA,” said Olivier Vinciguerra, Chair and Co-Founder of Green RWA. “ActiveViam is the first FinTech to join the association. We envision the FinTech industry using the output of this collaborative platform to develop tools for the financial community. Moreover, the speed and flexibility of ActiveViam’s software is unparalleled in the risk management space and we look forward to supporting the development of new and dynamic risk analytics products to help banks manage financial climate risk.”

About Green RWA

Green RWA (Risk-Weighted Assets) is a non-profit association rooted in the belief that climate transition will require the entire financial community to work in conjunction. OECD countries have  pledged  to successfully achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050 and require banks to accelerate the green transition. Green RWA is committed to this goal by working with financial institutions to optimize their climate risk capital budget. Rigorous analysis and open collaboration as well as employing open financial modelling can help institutions meet this goal. Green RWA’s reach is global and  members  span from Tokyo to Paris to the U.S. West Coast, reflecting the necessity for a global and coordinated action in the fight against climate change. For more information visit

About ActiveViam          

ActiveViam has provided cutting-edge data analytics technology to leading companies since 2005. ActiveViam is the creator of ActivePivot, atoti and Atoti. Our mission is to bring powerful data analytics to every person, every team, every business who needs it. Our software tools give everyone the opportunity to directly and considerably impact their business.

To this end, we support our clients in fulfilling their specific goals with a range of business solutions designed to help them make better data-driven decisions, faster, and continuously improve their operational efficiency. We also provide technological support so clients can build their own, powerful data analytics apps and deploy those apps at scale. For more information visit For media inquiries, please contact Julien Gautier at ActiveViam;

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