ActiveViam at the Microsoft Azure User Group in Singapore on July 26

ActiveViam |
July 18, 2017

On july 26, we will be at the Microsoft Azure User Group in Singapore to deliver a presentation titled: “In-Memory Computing on Microsoft Azure: Start a 4000-cores, 60TiB-RAM cluster in 30 minutes”.

We have been invited to share with you the amazing results of the partnership between Microsoft Azure and ourselves.

Together we successfully tested an in-memory analytics cluster that everyone can use: ActiveViam in the Cloud.

We developed the cloud-optimized version of the ActiveViam platform following the observation that organizations did not always have large memory server available on demand, or were not yet ready to commit to such hardware investment. This routinely delayed project implementations by weeks or even months. Thanks to the cloud technology, everyone can now easily gain almost-instant access from a public provider like Azure to servers with 2TiB of memory on demand, or any size that fits their business needs, with virtually infinite room to grow.

Azure provided us with their resource and expertise to enable our R&D team to launch and benchmark an ActivePivot cluster with a financial big data dataset of 40TiB, in the cloud. This test with Azure was very successful in terms of performance and ease of use.

If you want to know more about this experience join us at the Microsoft Auditorium in Singapore where Antoine CHAMBILLE, Head of R&D and Nida BOUZID, Technical Manager APAC will give all the steps to start yourself on demand a 4000 cores, 60TB RAM cluster in 30min.

Come and meet us there on July 26 at 7pm.

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