ActiveViam to present at the HPE Discover event

ActiveViam |
November 7, 2016

ActiveViam and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have partnered to explore making ActivePivot run on some of the most powerful servers they manufacture to offer an analytics solution with unmatched capabilities.

On Tuesday, November 29th, Antoine Chambille will take part in a joint presentation together with Kate ONeill from Hewlett Packard Enterprise during the HPE Discover Event in London detailing how the combination of ActivePivot and high-memory, many-core servers constitutes a practical solution to the challenges of upcoming financial regulation requirements. Describing ActivePivot as “the secret weapon for combining big data with the speed of in-memory computing”, HPE has worked with us to make our analytics platform run on servers with up to 24 TB of memory.

Antoine will speak also during another session on November 30th about the management and cost optimisation of database environments.

So join us in London if you want to learn more about running ActivePivot in high-end environments to deliver the best analytics platform on the market today.

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