Quartet FS’ Head of R&D speaking at IT conference in Paris on 28 June 2011

ActiveViam |
June 3, 2011

Antoine Chambille, Head of Research & Development for Quartet FS, will be speaking at one of Paris’ leading IT conferences, the Information Systems University or USI on June 28th 2011 on the topic of ‘Real-time decisions: when OLAP meets CEP’.

Held annually in Paris and Casablanca, the USI conference is billed as the forum where ‘geeks meet bosses’ and brings together industry players who want to create IT innovations that transform our society. The conference acts as a platform for delegates to discuss, learn and exchange ideas with professionals and IT experts on subjects of mutual interest.

Antoine, who will be speaking at 4:30pm on June 28th 2011, will be looking at how two technologies, normally considered incompatible, can and should be brought together to enable real-time decision-making!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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