Quartet FS to present at JavaOne 2016

ActiveViam |
September 1, 2016

After our presentation last year about running a 16TB JVM, we’re very happy to announce that Oracle has invited us again to present at the upcoming JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld 2016 events, which will take place on September 18th to 22nd in San Francisco, not for one but for two sessions.


The first session is part of Java One and Antoine Chambille, Director of R&D at Quartet FS will take the stage on Wednesday September 21st at 4:30 pm with Bernard Traversat, VP of Software Development for the Java SE Platform at Oracle. Together they will talk about new features coming with Java 9 for large memory applications, specifically the G1 garbage collector.

Oracle JVM engineers teamed up with the developers of ActivePivot to improve G1 in real-life applications with Java heaps of beyond 1TB. This presentation will recount their progress over the past year to remove obstacles to large memory applications and the impressive gains achieved, from thread and memory management in the application code to the internal details of G1 itself. As Mr. Traversat said: “QuartetFS requires multi-terabyte heaps in support of their ActivePivot analytical platform which is one of the most advanced In-Memory Computing solutions available. We are pleased to see them successfully use JDK 9 G1 garbage collector at this exemplary scale and scope.”

ActivePivot has become a benchmark for in-memory computing, and our ongoing partnership with Oracle is a key part of our efforts to keep pushing boundaries and accelerate calculations even further.

The second session is part of OpenWorld. It will take place on Thursday, Sep 22 at 10:45 am and focuses on our research to get the most out of modern hardware and CPUs. We will describe how ActivePivot leverages Oracle’s Data Analytics Accelerator feature, built directly into SPARC M7 processors (the “Software in Silicon” technology).

Antoine won’t be going alone to San Francisco, Quartet FS co-founders Kathy Perrotte and Allen Whipple will also be making the trip to attend. Join us if you want to learn more about this topic or simply if you want an occasion to meet with our team and engage with us about the future of ActivePivot and Java!

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