SaaS Deployment

ActiveViam products and solutions can all be employed in Software as a Service configurations. Our Customer Success experts will work with you to define, configure and maintain the architecture that fits best with your needs and your budget. SaaS deployment lets you dive straight into data analysis and focus on what matters most to your business. We run our Software as a Service Deployments on public cloud environments such as AzureAWS and Google Cloud Services, taking full advantage of their industry-best features in flexibility, reliability and security. Contact us to discuss your SaaS deployment project.

Why choose SaaS

Software as a Service deployment provides you with a fine control of your costs, a very quick time-to-market and ensures that your applications powered by Atoti+ are developed and maintained by the best experts of the technology.

SaaS deployment is a particularly great fit for “RegTech” use cases where you need to upgrade your system and get the new compliant platform up and running as quickly as possible.

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