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SaaS Deployments

On prem or in the Cloud, it is up to you! All of our solutions and services are available on a Software as a Service basis. Our Customer Success experts will work with you to define, configure and maintain the architecture that fits best with your needs and your budget.

A SaaS implementation enables you to focus on what is most important to your organization and dig right into data analysis. We utilize public cloud environments like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Services to execute our Software as a Service deployments, making the most of  industry-leading features in flexibility, dependability, and security. To discuss your SaaS implementation project, get in touch with us.

Why choose SaaS

A SaaS deployment gives you precise cost control, a speedy time to market, and guarantees that the best technical specialists are creating and maintaining the Atoti-powered applications you need.

SaaS deployment is a particularly good fit for "RegTech '' use scenarios when you have to swiftly upgrade your system and switch to a compliant platform. To find out more about our possibilities for deploying software as a service, contact us today.

Discover Atoti

Dig deeper into the data beneath key metrics with more freedom and speed than ever before with Atoti.

Giving you the confidence to make fully informed decisions for your financial operations.

Taste our secret sauce

The magic is that it works on simple sums and on complex chains of non-additive measures, on large volumes of historical data and on live data that changes in real-time.

This unique capacity is achieved through raw speed, advanced data modeling and innovative support of incremental data updates.

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