ActiveViam demo: precise, collaborative, faster Product Control

Julien Gautier |
June 2, 2017

You will find below our latest demo of the ActiveViam platform presenting our vision for a faster, more collaborative process for Product Control. The demo leverages our three products, ActivePivot, ActiveMonitor and ActiveUI, to create a comprehensive, responsive experience.

  • All the relevant data on one responsive analytics platform
  • A collaborative work environment for all actors involved
  • Automatic alerts and notifications
  • Generate reports on-the-fly, including FRTB-compliant regulatory reports

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Picture of Julien Gautier

Julien Gautier

Head of Product Marketing
Julien Gautier, Head of Product Marketing at ActiveViam, has a successful track record of driving product adoption and growth in the technology industry. His expertise in marketing strategy development, market research, and cross-functional collaboration ensures that ActiveViam's products meet the target audience's needs. Julien's proficiency in building successful partnership programs demonstrates his ability to drive business growth through successful collaborations.

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