ActiveViam launches Atoti: a free tool for the data scientists community

ActiveViam |
September 15, 2020

Paris, 04/14/2020. Since 2005, ActiveViam has been developing in-memory analytical technology for data analysis and visualization. These solutions empower ActiveViam clients all over the world to make more precise decisions more quickly. Today, the company announces the launch of its new free product for the data scientist community: Atoti.

Integrated into the Python ecosystem, Atoti is dedicated to all data exploration enthusiasts. For data scientists, analysts and engineers from all industries, beginners and experienced alike, Atoti provides easier and more precise means to explore all types of data on a small or large scale and to share results in the form of interactive dashboards.

Atoti enriches Python notebooks with several functions that promote interactive data exploration and the sharing of results:

  • Integration of dynamic visualizations inside the notebook
  • Management of large data volumes
  • Multi-dimensional analysis and on-the-fly simulations
  • Creation and sharing of dynamic dashboards in one click

Combined, these functions make data analysis faster and more intuitive, and help data professionals guide decisions in public, scientific and business environments.

Georges Bory, co-founder of ActiveViam comments: “We are convinced that the collaborative approach between those who have to make decisions and those who develop models is the most suitable for bringing about new solutions. Over the past 15 years, our technologies have transformed the way our customers use data to make their decisions. Today with Atoti, it is all our experience in analytics and software engineering that we make available to all those for whom the future is written in data. ”

Atoti is available for free at

About ActiveViam

Founded in 2005, ActiveViam is the leader in the design of analytical applications for data-driven operational decision-making. It enables companies to quantify their performance and manage their business in real time. Over 50 international companies trust ActiveViam, such as Intermarché, HSBC, Nomura, Nordea or Santander.

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