ActiveViam to present at the “Product Control for Banks” forum

Julien Gautier |
May 16, 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected by the organizers to speak during a panel at the Product Control for Banks forum that is taking place on May 24 2017 in London.

David Cassonnet, Director of Business Development at ActiveViam, will participate in a pnael on the topic: Addressing Key Product Control Issues for 2017 and Beyond – Internal Structures and External Challenges.

Join us there to hear more about our vision for product control, especially with regard to the upcoming FRTB rules, and to expand the discussion during the rest of the event.

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Julien Gautier

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Julien Gautier, Head of Product Marketing at ActiveViam, has a successful track record of driving product adoption and growth in the technology industry. His expertise in marketing strategy development, market research, and cross-functional collaboration ensures that ActiveViam's products meet the target audience's needs. Julien's proficiency in building successful partnership programs demonstrates his ability to drive business growth through successful collaborations.

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