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The cloud-optimized ActivePivot 5.5 version has been released

ActiveViam |
January 24, 2017

We are pleased to announce the new release of the latest version of ActivePivot, numbered 5.5.

This release is a milestone for ActivePivot and the ActiveViam platform with the introduction of the capability to run the full ActiveViam analytical suite in public cloud environments. ActivePivot has been optimized so that users can take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud: high performance, high flexibility and low cost.


To achieve this, the cloud-optimized version of the ActiveViam platform uses object storage to store and load data at high speed and offers fully integrated tools to provision, scale and shutdown ActivePivot servers in the cloud directly from ActiveUI. It means that customers pay only for what they actually use and that they are able to scale up or down very quickly to match the growth of their activity. In that way, cloud users can achieve the best performance without investing in costly hardware, especially when dealing with intensive and time sensitive tasks such as regulatory reporting or performing stress testing on large data sets.

To learn more about cloud use cases and the technology we developed, you can check the presentation delivered by Matthew Thomson from Microsoft Azure at our latest User Group, as well as the one from our head of R&D Antoine Chambille.

One ActiveViam client, the supply chain service provider OpenPort, is already in production with a cloud deployment of ActivePivot, while multiple proofs of concept are currently under way in the finance and retail industries.

The other main area where 5.5 brings improvements is with scale out architectures. We have greatly improved the performance of the ActiveViam’s platform in such environments and performed a series of benchmarks, culminating with ActivePivot running on a cluster of 128 VMs of 140 GB each (19TB total). We are pleased to say that query times remain constant when scaling up the size of the data set in parallel with the number of VMs: 5-6 seconds for full scan queries and 800-1,000 ms when using ActiveViam’s high performance bitmap index.

With those two major new features, ActiveViam cements its reputation as an elastic analytical platform with strong scale up and scale out capabilities. It also now offers the largest range of deployment options to best suit as many use cases as possible while striking the best balance between performance and cost-effectiveness.

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