Empowering Underrepresented Players in Financial Markets

ActiveViam |
December 21, 2023

The financial landscape is evolving, with tech innovations striving to make complex markets more accessible. The article looks at how people are using new methods to make markets and ways of doing things easier to access.

At Goldman Sachs, Chris Churchman created Visual Structuring on the Marquee platform for trading decisions. This tool simplifies complex trades by utilizing a chart interface, allowing for easy exploration of risks and potential profits.

Similarly, Eric Huttman’s MillTechFX aimed to democratize access to wholesale FX markets for middle-market clients. Huttman’s team developed a platform that caters to smaller players in finance who were previously ignored. It helps them do things they couldn’t do before.

Derivative Path has successfully served smaller banks and companies. They provide customized derivatives trading services for those without large internal quant teams.

Moreover, the article emphasizes the shift towards inclusivity in risk analytics. Xavier Bellouard from ActiveViam emphasizes that cloud technology allows middle-market players to use advanced risk management tools. These tools were previously only accessible to financial firms. Cloud computing adoption makes technology more accessible and meets clients’ need for transparency in their businesses.

“Traditionally, [this sort of risk management service] has for a long time been the privilege of very advanced financial services firms. Ones ready to splash out a lot of money, whether by acquiring expensive technology or by building lot of things in house at a very high price,” says Bellouard.

These innovative strides collectively mark a trend toward making financial markets more accessible and transparent for marginalized players. For a detailed understanding of these new initiatives, read the full article here.

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